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Back in 20th century, a famous Swiss psychoanalyst called Carl Jung who coined the terms ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’. In general, an introvert tends to be reserved and withdrawn in social situations and draws energy from quiet reflection. A common misconception is that they are antisocial but they may be happy…

Pitching to angels or VC funds can be a daunting and ruthless experience as investors really want to dive deep and question almost every element of your startup. …

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The landing page is essentially the face of the product or company and should lure potential users through striking headlines, attractive visuals and call to actions (CTAs). Despite millions of startups being created every year, the landing page layout and design has not really evolved in recent times with most…

A correlation is basically a measure of the strength of a linear relationship between two random, quantitative variables e.g. temperature vs. altitude. They are ubiquitous in reports, presentations and articles in the form of evidence to explain how one variable causes the other to change (causation).

For example, a scientific…


Earlier this year, I worked with a startup in London which advises fashion retailers on how to drive profitable growth and better understand customers’ preferences.

The global retail apparel market is estimated to be worth a staggering $1.4 trillion and includes brands such as Nike, Zara, Ralph Lauren and Levi’s.

Vue.js is a javascript framework that has become quite popular in recent years and is used to build user interfaces and single-page applications. A single page application does not mean a website with only one page! Instead, it’s a website that dynamically rewrites the current page with new data instead…

Interviews for positions such as Quantitative Researcher, Quantitative Analyst and Quantitative Developer are known to be fiendishly difficult and typically entail tough questions around probability, statistics, algorithms and mental maths. Occasionally, they may throw in a random brainteaser to catch you out! So what do these questions look like?

What is the sum of the numbers 1 to 10000?

Is 294801 a prime number?

What is the square root of 1000 to 4 d.p.?

How many times do you need to roll a die to get 3 even numbers in a row?

A bag contains N socks, some of which are blue, and some of which are green. If two random socks are picked, the probability that they are both blue is 1/2. What is the smallest possible value of N for which this is possible?

What is 17.5% of 354?

You have 1000 bottles of water, one of which is poisoned. You can test the water and try to figure out which bottle is poisoned. Unfortunately, since the poison takes 24 hours to activate in the test, and you only have 24 hours to figure out which bottle is poisoned, you must choose which bottles to test right now. How many tests do you have to use to figure out which bottle of water is poisoned?

If I throw three darts at a dartboard, what is the probability that they all land in the same half of the board?

How many times do you need to flip a coin to get HTH consecutively?

There are 14 identical-looking balls. 13 of them have the same weight while one of them is heavier than the rest. What is the minimum times you can weigh to identify the heaviest ball? How do you generalise for N balls?

Let’s say random variable X is distributed as N(a, b) and random variable Y is distributed as N(c, d). What is the distribution of X*Y?,1200&w=1200

Nine years ago, Whitney had just joined Hatch Labs, an incubator based in New York and became involved with a startup called Cardify which is focused on exchanging contact information faster. After this project was abandoned, she co-founded Tinder and became the VP of Marketing. …

Akhil Sonthi

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