How I Made A 5★ Rated App In 48 Hours

Akhil Sonthi
2 min readFeb 8, 2021


Last year, I set myself a goal of learning the fundamentals of Flutter/Dart and publishing an app within a week. Within 48 hours, I had designed, prototyped, developed and published the app onto both stores. So what did I get up to in that time?

1. Tools

I selected my favourite and what I felt were the best tools for the job:

2. YouTube

I gained a quick understanding of the subject matter and basic code structure by watching a few videos (at 1.5x speed of course) on different areas of the environment. For example, I watched videos on documentation summaries, widgets and asynchronous programming while coding alongside to slowly get used to the codebase.

3. Stack Overflow

I started planning out and building the basic template of my app with the help of code chunks from Stack Overflow to save time. For example, when I needed to make a Vue watcher which monitored an input field’s text, I found the required piece of code within seconds that I could simply drop in. However, I still made sure to review the code to understand everything I’m using at a high level so I can reuse it in other parts of the project.

4. Trial & Error

This is was the most important bit. Perseverance with a large amount of trial and error. Initially, I did see error messages quite frequently but I made sure to maintain a high learning rate!

Overall, the key was to absorb everything like a supervised machine learning algorithm and quickly apply my knowledge and try out different things. Of course, if you want to become an ‘expert’ in a coding language, I would recommend spending a lot more time really understanding the fundamentals and why things are done the way they are. But if you just want to convert your idea into your reality, this is the way that’s worked for me. Happy coding! :)

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