How I Maintain Proactivity & Productivity For 16h+ A Day

I admit it’s super tough to stay attentive for hours on end. With smartphones, laptops and media accompanying us wherever we go, we require a new level of focus and drive to avoid procrastinating or wasting time.

So how do I do it?

1. Plan your day. Everyday.

The night before, I like to plan what I aim to achieve by the end of the next day. I use a combination of Microsoft To Do and Google Keep/Calendar to keep me motivated with a constant stream of interesting tasks on a variety of projects. By the end of the day, you feel content and excited to begin the journey again the next day.

2. Do literally everything.

I mean it. If you come across an industry that you want to have an impact on, just create. Don’t think about it too much. Just show the world your take and perspective on that subject. Don’t worry about success (that’s frankly just luck) and other people’s opinion. Just go for it.

By immersing yourself in different worlds, you always feel excited to work on something else during the next hour of the day.

3. Abstain from social media.

Social media has had a profound impact on society — both positive and negative (check out this Netflix show!). While we are all within phone’s reach of each other, we are also falling into the addiction-filled trap of constantly requiring attention or updates from the world. I have never been a huge fan of it and tend to prefer rich and meaningful face-to-face conversations instead of some nonchalant messages scattered throughout the day constantly distracting you.

You will be amazed how much more time you have in the day if you limit your consumption to <30 minutes a day on just a couple of selected apps (e.g. Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn). Instead of worrying about when you will receive a reply or what random wall to capture for your Snapchat streak, you can focus on things like relaxing, meditating and working on some cool projects!




Tech Enthusiast | Entrepreneur | Music Artist | MEng @ Cambridge

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Akhil Sonthi

Akhil Sonthi

Tech Enthusiast | Entrepreneur | Music Artist | MEng @ Cambridge

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