How To Create Your First Vue 3 Project On A Mac

1. Install Vue CLI

Vue CLI is a package that provides the vue command in your terminal which makes it easier to create a new project.

npm install -g @vue/cli


yarn global add @vue/cli

2. Check Vue CLI has been installed

vue --version

3. Create your Vue project

vue create [PROJECT_NAME]

4. Choose a Vue version

Check the differences here.

5. Head into the Vue project


6. Build and locally host your project

yarn serve

You should see something like this:

You’re ready to start coding! :)


The installation process might not be as smooth sailing as described above so here’s some extra code for you to try out!


sudo npm install -g @vue/cli --unsafe-perm


sudo npm uninstall -g @vue/clisudo npm install -g @vue/cli --unsafe-permsudo npm install -g vue@3.0.0-rc.9


npm install -g @vue/cli@latest




Tech Enthusiast | Entrepreneur | Music Artist | MEng @ Cambridge

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Akhil Sonthi

Akhil Sonthi

Tech Enthusiast | Entrepreneur | Music Artist | MEng @ Cambridge

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