Top 10 Largest Countries In 2020

🥇 Russia — 6.60 million square miles

🥈 Canada — 3.85 million square miles

🥉 China — 3.75 million square miles

4. United States — 3.62 million square miles

5. Brazil — 3.29 million square miles

6. Australia — 2.97 million square miles

7. India — 1.27 million square miles

8. Argentina — 1.07 million square miles

9. Kazakhstan — 1.05 million square miles

10. Algeria — 0.92 million square miles




Tech Enthusiast | Entrepreneur | Music Artist | MEng @ Cambridge

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Akhil Sonthi

Akhil Sonthi

Tech Enthusiast | Entrepreneur | Music Artist | MEng @ Cambridge

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