Top 10 Safest Cities In The World

🥇 Tokyo, Japan

The largest metropolitan in the world with a population of over 36 million people, Tokyo is home to the busiest railway station (Shinjuku) and intersection (Shibuya Crossing) in the world.

🥈 Singapore, Singapore

Singapore is a city of 64 islands and is one of the world’s greenest cities. It has many man-made waterfalls and is home to the world’s first night zoo.

🥉 Osaka, Japan

The former capital of Japan, Osaka is the third largest metropolitan with a population of over 2.5 million residents. It is well known for delicious food, large number of vending machines (over 5.5 million!) and cherry blossoms.

4. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is literally on stilts — 11 million wooden poles support the buildings from sinking. With kilometres of canals, beautiful sceneries and the most museums per capita in the world, this city can keep you occupied for years!

5. Sydney, Australia

With a population of over 5 million people, Sydney is famous for its warm summers and the architectural icon that is the Opera House.

6. Toronto, Canada

Toronto, the capital city of Canada, is home to over 8000 restaurants and bars and hosts over 40 million visitors every year. It has the largest zoo in Canada and the second largest transit system in North America!

7. Washington, DC

Washington, DC is the capital of the United States and features the famous White House, Capitol Building and Washington Monument.

8. Copenhagen, Denmark

One of the greenest cities in the world, Copenhagen is famous for being the city of fairy tales. Known as the happiest city in the world, it is known for its canals and culture.

9. Seoul, South Korea

One of the largest and progressive cities in Asia, Seoul hosts over 10 million residents and combines modern skyscrapers and high-tech with temples and palaces.

10. Melbourne, Australia

Previously the capital city of Australia, Melbourne has the largest tram system outside of Europe and is known for its skyscrapers, plazas and restaurants.




Tech Enthusiast | Entrepreneur | Music Artist | MEng @ Cambridge

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Akhil Sonthi

Akhil Sonthi

Tech Enthusiast | Entrepreneur | Music Artist | MEng @ Cambridge

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